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Residents within the London Borough of Camden for year groups 8-11 admissions may apply directly to Acland Burghley School. Please select the In-year application form below. Alternatively, collect a copy of our application form from our school reception or contact us by phone or email to request a form.

Y7 applications must currently be made via Camden Admissions.

For residents outside the borough, please apply via your own Local Authority.

Emailed requests should be sent to:

Once you have completed the application form in full and have all the necessary identification documentation, you should contact the school office on extension 1000 to arrange a time to go through your application. Please do not just drop-in to the school as we cannot guarantee that there will be someone available to process your application.

Note: we are not able to process any application until all necessary documentation has been received.

Once an application form has been processed, the school will either make an offer or add the application to the school’s waiting list. The outcome will be communicated to the parent/carer within 20 working days of receipt of the application, in accordance with national guidance. Should an offer be made the offer must be accepted or rejected within two weeks from the date of offer. If no reply is received then a letter will be sent stating that should there be no contact from the family within one week of the date of the letter, the offer will be withdrawn. Should an offer then be withdrawn, this will also be communicated in writing. If an application is placed onto our schools waiting list, it is done so in accordance with Camden’s admissions criteria for community schools. For more information, please view our Admissions Policy.

Should a family move or change any of their contact details whilst waiting for an offer of a place to be made, it is the responsibility of the family to notify the school of any changes. Where there has been a change of address, new proof of address must be supplied. Should a family relocate to another London Borough whilst on our waiting list, they will need to follow the application process of their residential borough, i.e. the local authority that they pay their Council Tax to. Should a family relocate, this may affect their position on our waiting list.

Residents outside the London Borough of Camden

If you live outside of the London Borough of Camden you will need to follow the application process of the borough that you live in. Once you have followed your borough’s application process, they will liaise with Camden Admissions Team who will, in turn, request that we add your child onto our waiting list. There is no priority given to Camden residents. All applications are processed in accordance with Camden’s admissions criteria.

Sixth Form

Acland Burghley’s sixth form is part of the LaSWAP consortium. More information including how to apply can be found at: