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Acland Burghley

Christmas Message from Headteacher

Christmas Message from Headteacher

Message from Mr John

Welcome to the second edition of the Acland Burghley Newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading about the wide range of activities which have been on offer to our students during November and December. In our school, we seek to provide a rounded, broad education, so that everyone has the chance to experience a splendid richness and diversity in their learning, as well as academic excellence.

This term we have concentrated on assessment. As teachers, it is vital that we really get to know the students in our classes: What is their current level? What do they need to do to improve? Understanding this fully is the key to helping all students make excellent progress. We are also very clear about our ethos of inclusion. In a modern educational setting, this means that every student is given the chance, with as much support as is necessary, to become independent learners in charge of their own destiny. 

We have also been encouraging the students to think about self-regulation. To become successful young adults, children need to be able to make good decisions. The self-discipline of following the school code of conduct will teach children the self-discipline to keep themselves safe outside of school. All families will be conscious of the opportunities, but also the potential threats, of the internet for young people today. We are all also aware of the importance of healthy eating and exercise. When we are successful in teaching children to self-regulate, they become empowered to handle these challenges in all their complexity.

We are building Acland Burghley back up to strength by focusing our systems on the needs of individual students. The Year Team is central to our vision, and for this reason I am delighted to be able to announce the appointment of Student Progress Leaders who will support Heads of Year in helping students to overcome barriers to learning and realising their potential. This new team will be supported by our new Behaviour and Safeguarding Manager, who will work within the Inclusion Team. Whatever your query or concern, the form tutor is always your first point of call. The new post-holders will make sure that there is capacity to follow up on every issue.

Our students demonstrate remarkable kindness and awareness of the world beyond their own experiences. This is demonstrated in the enterprising charitable endeavours of tutor groups during the Christmas period. Thousands of pounds have been raised for good causes. Generosity, tolerance and inclusion are clearly central tenets of the Acland Burghley ethos.

Creativity and aspiration are central too. This term, I particularly enjoyed the sixth form musical ‘Spelling Bee’, Y8 and Y9’s ‘Animal Farm’, and the Christmas Concert. The new leadership team is determined to continue to support this part of the school’s work. Students in Y9 and Y11 are looking forward to Pathways Events in January which will be crucial for deciding their futures.   

At the end of my first term as Headteacher, I would like to thank parents, carers and students for their terrific support. We are all aware that there is work to do, and we are building capacity to ensure that over time we will become routinely ‘good’ and then (quickly afterwards) really excellent. Please continue to send me your thoughts and ideas. Your contributions are always hugely appreciated.

I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas holiday, and all the very best for 2016.

Nicholas John