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Careers Education Information Advice Guidance (CEIAG)
Tracey Maker
Progress & Pathways Leader
Laura Stanley
Independent Careers Advisor
Lindsay Evans

Careers Area

There is a wide range of information available for students in the Careers area of the iL@b.

  • Prospectus - college & universities
  • Information on finance related concerns/bursaries/grants
  • Getting into books
  • Gap year information
  • Advice on a range of issues related to CVs, revision, options etc.

Why not come along and have a look?

Lunchtime careers talks

On Wednesday lunchtimes, visiting speakers from a range of professions will be coming in to talk to our students about their career pathways in the iL@b.
The aim is to develop student aspirations—to learn about the opportunities that are out there and what skills and qualifications are needed to be successful.

All Students welcome. 1.15 - 2.05 pm - Location iL@b

Careers Lessons Y7, 8 & 9

All students in the years above will take part in an hour lesson around careers and options.

Students will have explained how to use the careers area of the iL@b and take part in an online quiz called the “Buzz Quiz” which will evaluate answers given and provide students with an animal who will show certain personality traits that are then related to career paths. Students will then have an opportunity to navigate the site, looking at various career paths and watching videos and gaining information on qualifications needs, male to female ratios earnings etc.

There are also various links on students' careers folders relating to information on options, apprenticeships etc.

Y11 Careers Interviews

All students in Y11 will be offered a careers interview with Lindsay Evans, our independent careers advisor, this academic year. Lindsay will be in Acland Burghley on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to attend the interview with your son/daughter please email and this can be arranged.

Tel:         02074 829 886

Useful links

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